My name is Chris Webb and I am a software engineer based in London.

I started programming in Sinclair Basic on a ZX81, and have subsequently used a wide range of languages including C, C++, C# and JavaScript, used a numbers of RDBMSs including SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL, and more frameworks and libraries than I can remember.

By the time I got round to learning C in about 1994 I had already used various dialects of Basic, Pascal, and a few more esoteric languages, but C made me sit up and think “this is it, real, serious programming” and I still believe that.

The definitive (even legendary) book on The C Programming Language is called just that, and was written by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie in 1978. It is a short and simple book as befits a short and simple language, and it is also rather unusual in that it dives straight in to practical programming – at the end of the first 30-page chapter you will have written several versions of a temperature conversion application, and learned many of the basics of the language. There are plenty of books around these days four, five or six times the size which tell you all there is to know about a language except how to actually write software with it!

This site is in many ways a tribute to Brian Kernighan and the late Dennis Ritchie, as it continues their good work of presenting short but complete and useful bits of C, and also throwing them open to discussion and improvement.

This is not a tutorial site: if you want to learn C I would recommend the above book, closely followed by C in a Nutshell by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford.